I’ve reasoned a claim…

For about a year, I’ve been intrigued at the thought of starting a blog.  My interest in personal media, communicative studies, the arts, and every day life has elevated this intrigue.  By some spell of confidence, possibly due to the rain storm that just swept in, I am stepping out. Making the move into the world of digital diaries.  Adding a new title to my identity: blogger.

A few days ago I mentioned to a friend that I might start a blog.  He posed a question in response- ‘You’ve got something to say, huh?’. Well, no I won’t claim to have a lot to say. A fountain of wisdom-filled words is not bubbling up inside me.  However, I have always wanted a larger format for expressing my thoughts, articles I find interesting, posting current pictures, etc.  Trying to fit my daily activities and findings into a lyrical list packaged proportionally for my Facebook status is sometimes hard to do. Hence; I’ve reasoned a claim.

I claim this to be an average, mundane, run-of-the-mill blog.  I’m not a person with a lot to say, although some who know me would agree that I am not afraid to express my opinion.  But I live over 900 miles from most of my family and friends, am experiencing life at my own pace, and would like to share thoughts and ideas as they come in hopes to spark a conversation, or to simply share information or inspiration with those of you who care to read. I’m not promising to blog every day, or to meet any standard.  I’ll probably cover typical blog topics like posting an article on ‘how to make your own soap at home’ and sharing my Dad’s marinara sauce recipe.  I’m not expecting anyone to set my blog address in your bookmarks bar (except you, Mom!).  But if you know me, or if you find that we share similar interests, maybe you’ll skim these pages once in a while and reflect on my findings or add to my conversations.



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5 responses to “I’ve reasoned a claim…

  1. looking forward to it. 🙂

  2. Mom

    added to my favorites, of course, you know me so well!! Love you Baby Girl!

  3. Mom B.

    Love it! Will be following! 🙂 It is added to my favorites too!

  4. richie roy

    wel now if dad isn’t bookmarked too…well i think i do…we’ll see later when i try to find it again

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