::conscious coffee consumption::

I don’t know about you, but once I find a company that stands for everything I believe in and offers amazing products, I like to brag about them.  I first heard about Larry’s beans through a good friend and one of the present owners of a coffee shop in Houghton, NY- Java101. They use Larry’s beans for their regular drip coffee and grind, tamp, and steam Larry’s Secret Espresso Blend for delicious lattes and cappuccinos.

Larry not only sells his beans wholesale to coffee shops around the nation, he also sells to household buyers and everyday consumers like myself.  There are lots of reasons I buy from Larry.  The three most basic reasons- all of their beans are fairly traded, organic, and they are an independent small business.  Larry was even a founding member of Cooperative Coffees (a group of independent coffee roasters who purchase beans directly from fair-trade co-ops).

Larry’s products are GREAT.  The beans are roasted to perfection, espresso rich and creamy, and there is a large variety of depth and flavor represented in the varying blends pleasing petty and powerful palates alike. They offer fun merchandise for purchasing including t-shirts, mugs, and ‘at-home barista supplies’.


Some more reasons to love Larry?

They have a ‘transparency policy’ in their coffee purchases which means that all documentation during the purchase of the bean is posted online.  You can track every single bag of beans back to the original farmer from which it was purchased and view the payments which took place during the change.

Larry also has a dedication to freshness.  The bag of beans you purchase online today are actually roasted after your purchase and then shipped as soon as finished.

Still not convinced?

Larry started this project called the Sustainability School- a website dedicated to teaching interested persons about local sustainability, alternative energy, globalization, water conservation, recycling, and all things fair-trade.  There are articles and links which provide lots of useful information for sustaining our world and improving our environment.


Along with the school, Larry has done a lot to make his business as ‘green’ as possible.  They transformed their ‘Bean Plant’ by using solar and wind power, harvesting their own rainwater, and delivering all of their local products in a crazy cool bus which runs on recycled vegetable oil (pictured below in a scan from this magnet they sent me along with my most recent coffee order)

All this to say…

If you’re still hearing the ‘clank’ from your can of Chock-full-of-Nuts, or Folgers blend in your shopping cart, check out these articles and hop on the conscious caffeine wagon.



Go to: https://www.larrysbeans.com/



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2 responses to “::conscious coffee consumption::

  1. ailie and I buy larry’s beans from the coffeeshop, and what can I say? I love it, especially the woodstock roast. thanks for the post! keep posting on other things like this. I’m really looking for some kind of conscious clothes consumption but I can’t really find any companies I want to support…

    • Isn’t that such a crazy awesome company to be supporting?!? (well, two, if you count Java…) I have a few resources for ‘conscious clothes’ so I’ll add that to my ‘Things to Blog’ list. Thanks, almond603! 🙂

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