::for Decemberists fans::

I love The Decemberists.  An all-american Seattle based band, their lyrics tell tales of over 70 different characters described in detail and spun in webs of lies and love. They claim to know my ‘gypsy uncle’ and sing of sailing on a ‘packet full of spice, rum, and tea leaves’.  Lead singer Colin Meloy belts out tantalizing tenor tones that pierce the air perfectly paired with instrumental depth from tambourines, triangles, and an accordion.  Despite the fact that their songs aren’t always descriptions of my own life situations (although I’ve known a few Billy Liars in my time) which if often a big appeal in my musical choices, the stories they paint bring a refreshing change of pace and allow me to experience their art with child-like wonder.  Colin Meloy stated:

“It’s still a very marginalized kind of music, but it’s on two different sides of the spectrum,” he says of the album’s odd meld of folk and metal. “It’s intended to be pretty kinda nerdy. But sometimes nerds make the best hard rock.

So although I’ve been a fan of their music for several years, my excitement was awakened today when I discovered this:

Here Come the Waves DVD.  The Hazards of Love tunes paired with animated visuals in a 60 minute DVD.

It released just yesterday and is available for purchase at itunes or on the band’s website ( IF you buy their CD or vinyl they actually throw in the DVD for free!).

If you don’t want to take my word for it, read this article, and watch the DVD trailer below and I’m sure you’ll be downloading soon.



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