::family(part 6)history::

Before I go any further posting these projects, I thought I’d at least mention my intentions for all of the pieces.  I got the photos from my Grandmothers basement where she has a stack of boxes filled with unorganized and scattered photos.  Although I only searched a couple of boxes, the photos I found were definitely the oldest and least connected to me in that I had to guess at the faces in the photos. However, when I brought the pictures up for my Grandmother to see, she knew everyone and quickly reflected out loud the memories that corresponded in her mind with each photo. It was fun to see her experience the joy brought about by these visuals from her past, family members she hadn’t remembered in a while and places that used to be so familiar. That’s the beauty and importance of photography, but more on that later…

As I’ve mentioned, I took the oldest and most unique photos home with me back to Georgia where I have already spent countless hours scanning in the photos individually and carefully composing these digital pieces.  I’m not sure how many pages I will end up with, but my final intention is to put all of the pieces into a book and have it printed for their next anniversary.  I might have each family member write a hand written letter to them, scan those in and include them in the pages as well.  Any other ideas for the book are welcome so feel free to comment!

I’ll be printing the book at an amazing site http://www.blurb.com where I have had several books printed before.  After creating all of the photoshop documents I will be converting them into PDF files.  Blurb allows you to download a free software program called ‘BookSmart’ and you simply drag and paste each PDF into an outlined ‘book’, as many pages as you want.  After this easy transition you upload your created book to their website and it’s completely ready for printing.  No need to worry about false edging or mix-matched sizes.

Later on I will try to explain some of my creative process for the individual projects, as well as describe the text I’ve been using (you’ve probably noticed a pattern).  Although the faces in the pictures may not be people you know, I hope you can appreciate the artistic composition I’ve tried to create with each piece, and maybe even reflect back on your own memories.

As always, click on the piece to view it larger (important to notice the details).

I’ll try to start including more information about the individuals shown in each piece as well.  Sometimes I’ll have to ask my Mom and Aunt first! : )

This is my Grandmother (Elaine Scholla) pictured right with her arm around her Mother, my Great Grandmother (Hazel Tappan).



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2 responses to “::family(part 6)history::

  1. Breanne

    Kay! I love looking at/reading you blog. These pictures are great!

    After you make the book is there an option for purchasing?? I would love to have a copy.

    On a side note…if I ever have a baby girl I am going to name her Hazel–after Gramma Tappan. I would love to have a book of these photos to show my future children. I want them to know how important this family is to me!

  2. Aunt Pam

    Boy it is nice to see Gramma sho smiling. Wish she would do it more often. I love you so much Kay.

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