::sister happy sister::

I’ve told this story a million times, but I still remember the night she was born.  My Mom and I had been staying with my Grandparents since they lived closer to the hospital and my Dad was doing lots of housework on our cabin. My Mom’s water broke in the middle of the night and she and my Grandma went to the hospital, my Dad to soon follow.  I’d have to wait until morning to go in with my Grandpa.

I didn’t sleep that night.  I crept down the immense and carpeted staircase slowly, trying not to wake my Grandpa sleeping in his chair below. I shuffled over to grab my crayons and some paper and spent the next few hours crouched behind his recliner, steadily drawing a picture for my new friend.  I’m pretty sure my Mom still has the piece I drew somewhere. It was a large goldfish bowl with two fishes holding hands- one bigger than the other, symbolizing me and my new baby sister.

A few years ago my Dad put together a couple of photo albums for me of some of my best memories as a kid.  He didn’t assemble by order, but picked out pictures mostly of me and specific things I did with my parents before my sister was born (he did the same for her as well).  Funny thing is, he didn’t realized he mixed pictures of us up in each of our albums! We had a phase as babies where we looked pretty similar.  This is the best example I could find of that time…can you tell who’s who?

Despite the similar baby pictures, being 7 years apart, we share lots of differences.  I’ve heard that if you grow up without another sibling coming along before 6 years, you’re pathologically an ‘only child’.  I’d say I’ve kept that mindset and have held on to my own independence, strong will and self-motivation.

The things I love about her are those ways in which she differs from me.  She’s got this pure and naive spirit, she sees the best in people and must be informed of their faults before noticing them.  Unlike me, compassion is one of her strongest traits.  She just loves on people all the time…it’s so sweet and impacting.

I can’t believe my little sister is 16. Happy Birthday.



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6 responses to “::sister happy sister::

  1. lil' sis:)

    This has made my entire 16 years of life complete :)I’ll love you forever big sis ❤

  2. Jane Buteyn

    very sweet, Kay.

  3. baby brother of your mother

    that is such a nice present!!!!God Bless both of You!!!

  4. richie roy

    very nice kaylan!!!!!!

  5. Aunt Pam

    You are lucky to have each other. I personally cannot believe she is 16, although it seems she has been around for 30. :<) You have missed your calling. I think you should have been a writer.
    Love you much.

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