::family(part 9)history::

who were so dark of heart they might not speak,
a little innocence will make them sing;
teach them to see who could not learn to look
–from the reality of all nothing

will actually lift a luminous whole;
turn sheer despairing to most perfect gay,
nowhere to here,never to beautiful:
a little innocence creates a day.

And something thought or done or wished without
a little innocence,although it were
as red as terror and as green as fate,
greyly shall fail and dully disappear–

but the proud power of himself death immense
is not so as a little innocence

-e. e. cummings-



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3 responses to “::family(part 9)history::

  1. Mom :)

    my baby girl on the great giant squash Poppy grew….didn’t win the biggest that year at the contest in town, but you made the booster news!

  2. Jane Buteyn

    Kay, who is this a photo of?

  3. Aunt Pam

    Nothing like that bond between Poppy and you.

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