::family(part 10)history::

It’s been a crazy few weeks.  I’ve had to abandon my time for photoshop projects and photography in order to move from our small city apartment in Savannah to our rental house in Statesboro.  The move brought on a few changes including a daily hour-long commute for me back to Savannah.  I’m hoping the first week seemed a bit crazy and overwhelming just because it was, well, the first week, and that I will be able to settle into a new schedule that includes time for my creative work.

A bit unexpectedly, I pretty much had this whole weekend to shoot and edit.  I spent some time touring around Statesboro and will be posting some pictures of the area soon. I also got back to work on my book project and would like to share the most recent page…

Anyone who knows the man in this photograph knows that the best word to describe him is ‘saint’.  He’s the Father of 7, the Grandfather of 18, and the foundation around which my Mom’s side of the family has been structured. He’s a listener, gardener, cook, the best-oatmeal-cookie-in-the-world baker, veteran, church-goer, advice-giver, lawn mower, community servant, babysitter, maple syrup maker, and so much more.

He fixed my scraped knees, helped me learn to ride a bike, showed me how to make pea soup, let me dig up his new potatoes, sat in snow through my soccer games, celebrated every single birthday I’ve had, bounced me on his knee, gave me piggy back rides, combed my hair and sang me songs.  And I am just one…of 18 grandkids… not to mention his 7 kids…

Right now he’s probably asleep in his chair with the TV blaring, tiny dog on his lap.  Unfinished crossword on the table beside him along with a glass of water from the blue-tinted cup.  His fingers are tinged with dirt and there are two pens and some spearmint gum in his shirt pocket.

Poppy. He is a kind soul. And a beautiful man.

Donald ‘Poppy’ Scholla (click for larger view)



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4 responses to “::family(part 10)history::

  1. Mom :)

    Kaylan, you are so gifted and this is an incredible description of the man I am blessed to have as my Dad…..THANK YOU!!!!

  2. You created the image with your words and then provided the image of your Poppy beautifully. I think your description in the blog should most definitely be part of the book. The song is great…but YOUR words or even more powerful. Thanks for the peak into your family through your eyes…LOVE it!

  3. richie roy

    very nice tribute to a wonderful man!

  4. Aunt Pam

    YOu make me cry. Could there be anyone in the world more wonderful and kind as this man I have been blessed with to be my Father. Thank you for your description Kay. Couldn’t have said it better myself.
    Love you Honey.

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