::photographer friend::

Most of you who read my blog probably know the name ‘Mary Dougherty’, especially in reference to her amazing wedding photography business: Mary Dougherty Photography

Mary and I have been friends for a few years now and got to know one another when she was working for Houghton College as their graphic designer and I was a student worker there one summer.  Soon afterwards, Mary started her own photography business and she shot my wedding the following spring. Since then, Mary’s business has grown and she’s shot many of my friends weddings and done some amazing work.  She’s even allowed me the opportunity to second shoot at a few weddings with her.

Last weekend Mary traveled down to Jacksonville to shoot a wedding at TPC Sawgrass resort, and she picked me up on the way so I could help her shoot the event. Before hand, she stayed with us in Statesboro, GA for a few days and we spent some time together- making homemade pizza, talking weddings and photography, sharing creative ideas and even modeling for one another.  Photographers know, it’s always great to have someone willing to model for you, and it’s especially nice when they are already familiar with the camera and comfortable with a lens in front of them.

Luckily, we had planned on shooting one another sometime during our visit, so she knew to bring this cute dress along!

We found this grove of trees and had hoped for some bright buds, but I think the contrast of the spring grass and bare branches made for an interesting composition.

See? She really knows how to work the camera!

I’ll close with my favorite image from our shoot…thanks for another great opportunity to shoot with you, Mary!

I think we should plan to shoot portraits for one another every time we meet up from now on : )



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6 responses to “::photographer friend::

  1. look I’m a model! okay, not really – can’t wait to post your “shining” and “little house on the prairie” pictures.

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  3. Love them Kay! I’ve never actually felt a desire to have portraits, but after seeing these two sets…

  4. Aunt Pam

    You cut your hair. So did I. Same length.
    Love ya babe.

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