::Ambler family::

When we first decided to move out to Statesboro, we were a little hesitant about the details it would involve.  We still didn’t know anyone well enough to ask to borrow a truck, or help lift heavy furniture, or help move boxes.  One day at work, John casually mentioned that we were moving the following weekend and one of his co-workers, Robby, immediately asked if he could help.  He said he would have a team of guys at our doorstep with a truck and trailer at 9am Saturday morning.  It sounded too good to be true, but that’s really what he did.  Robby and 4 guys John and I had never met loaded and unloaded all of our things- we practically stood and watched them work.

Not only was I happy to invite Robby over for dinner the week after we got settled in to Statesboro to make sure I thanked him for helping us move, I also really wanted to meet his wife, Chrissy.  Chrissy and Robby both graduated from GSU (the school John is currently attending) and live in Statesboro with their son, Alden, and baby-on-the-way, Molly.  We’ve gotten to know the Ambler’s and a few days ago Chrissy, Alden and I drove out to Brooklet, GA and did a short photo shoot.  Although Robby wasn’t able to make it, we’re planning on a full family photo shoot once baby Molly arrives!

Alden posed pretty well for this shot.

But most of the time he wanted to run and play 🙂

Snacks are a must with two year olds… Alden was really impressed with my camera and kept trying to see himself in the lens which made for a fun candid shot.

How gorgeous is this woman?

I’m sure Molly will be just as beautiful and I can’t wait to do a newborn shoot with her when she arrives!

My favorite shot from the day is below.



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2 responses to “::Ambler family::

  1. Mom B

    Kaylan, these are BEAUTIFUL!! Chrissy is lovely and Alden is adorable! I love the close up of him! Can’t wait to see the family ones and Molly’s newborn ones! Good work! 🙂

  2. richie roy

    Very nice!

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