Yesterday I met up with baby Kinsley, her parents and her Grandma to do some photos.  Kinsley is almost 6months old and hadn’t yet been photographed professionally. Once Valerie, Kinsley’s Grandma, found out I was a photographer, she immediately asked if I could do some shots of Kinsley. We know their family though the church we’ve been attending and actually spent Easter afternoon celebrating and eating with them.

We’ve had some beautiful days here in Georgia recently and yesterday was no exception.  We met up late afternoon (photographers know lighting is best closest to sunrise and sunset) and we visited Georgia Southern’s Botanical Gardens.  Although we got scolded for not making a photography reservation and paying an hourly fee for shooting on the grounds, the caretaker of the garden let us shoot anyway since I pleaded my ignorance and apologized.

Kinsley’s mom was prepared and brought several cute dresses and outfits for her.  One of the most exciting things about shooting babies is the fun details you can play around with, from the tiny dresses and clothes to the details of their sweet fingers and toes…

Kinsley is actually the youngest baby I’ve shot and she was definitely a great one to start with.  She didn’t mind modeling for us, mostly played and smiled and put up with us constantly changing her outfits and making her sit in the grass and the dirt.

I love the different expressions babies make and Kinsley didn’t let us down!

So adorable.

And don’t you just love her name? I hadn’t heard the name ‘Kinsley’ before I met her but I really like it.

The last two images were my favorite from the afternoon… capturing a baby in their birthday suit is pretty timeless and oh so sweet 🙂

Pretty sure you’ll see more shots of this beautiful girl later on this year!



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2 responses to “::Kinsley::

  1. Kaylan! Beautiful! I love the one of her sweet little legs in the plush blankie. Adorable. I’m more and more impressed each time you post something new…keep them coming!

  2. Mom B

    Kaylan! These are so wonderful! Kinsley is adorable and so photogenic!!!! I, too love the one with her toes in the plush blanket, the black and white one of her laying down and the last one! Great!

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