::adventures in Gladi Land::

I know this kid.  She and I spend large chunks of time together.  We do fun things.

We read. Always lots of reading.  I like reading. So does she.

She’s got lots of fun toys.  Like a homemade flashlight.  And a set of little people.  A great big giraffe, blocks, sidewalk chalk… all the good stuff.

After we read, I usually want to do her hair.  She’ll sternly suggest another story.

“Kay-inn, you need to read five more pages before we do my pony hair”.

One of the things I love about Gladi is she lets me put as many of these barrettes in her hair as I want.  And I had these as a kid…bow ties and butterflies.

Two stories, twenty minutes, and half a tear later…mission accomplished.

Quizzical, inquiring, pensive… she wanted to know why I wasn’t wearing dangly earrings here. She’s amazing.

Stay tuned for more adventures in Gladi-land.



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2 responses to “::adventures in Gladi Land::

  1. Mom B

    Love these! I will look forward to more! 🙂

  2. Ted & Marie Haringa


    We are impressed. You are up and running!. We wish you much success.


    G’pa & G’ma H.

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