Website up and running, business cards on the way, promising and potential clients… although I’m not sure what defining milestone allows me to consider myself ‘in business’, I’m claiming it anyway. Twofern Photography is here and ready to serve Western, NY, South and Central Georgia, and anywhere in between. To start, you can check out my website:


After several weeks of designing, decision making, and frustrating email conversations, my website is live.  It showcases what I believe to be the best collections of prints I have to offer, as well as examples of my lifestyle portrait work.

So what services am I offering?

Prints for purchase are available.  I have 4 collections to start, “Statesboro Blues”, “Natural Details”, “Floral Visions” and “Windows&Doors”.  All 4 feature pieces from places I’ve traveled and things I’ve seen and shot.  I’m offering 3 prints sizes to start- 5×7, 8×10, and 16×20 and these can be selected and purchased through the shopping cart application on my website (or by contacting me individually).  If you’re interested in pieces not listed on my website or alternate sizing from what I am offering feel free to let me know.

I’ve also included samples of lifestyle portraits I have done because I’m offering those services as well. Engagement sessions, family portraits, newborns, business and real estate photography, anything you would like fine art photographs of, I’m willing to shoot.  Pricing information for lifestyle sessions will be given on request.

The third part of my business has been most often displayed here on my blog.  Remember those family digital collage pieces I have been putting together as a large book for my Grandparents? Well, I’m offering that service to everyone else too.  If you’ve got old photographs and letters boxed away, why not collaborate with me in creating a custom designed book of individual pieces able to display those memories.  Pricing is available on request, and if you’re not interested or don’t have enough pieces to do a full book, I’ll work with you to create a series of individual pieces available for wall hangings and gift giving.

I’m planning on updating my website as often as I have new pieces to showcase, so make sure you check in with it often.  I’ll also be posting weekly photography discounts and promotions for my blog readers so keep on reading.  Although marketing and personal promotion are important, word of mouth is the biggest benefactor to any photography business so feel free to spread the word about my website and services.   For those of you reading, thank you already for your continued interest and support. I’m excited about this new venture and personal quest and I’m looking forward to lots of opportunities to share my work with the people I know and love.



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3 responses to “::official(twofern)business::

  1. Jane Buteyn

    I will be happy to let my friends know about this Kaylan!

  2. Joan Lord

    Congatulations and Best Wishes on your new business.

  3. Scio Scholla's

    Way to go Kay…we’re so proud of you…and we’ll definitely spread the word..we loved the pictures you took of the kids!! 🙂

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