::purple dress::

Last weekend was the JR SR banquet at Houghton Academy.  My family has been doing the home-stay program for 6 or 7 years now… and we’ve hosted lots of kids- mostly from Korea and China.  Hye-In has spent the longest amount of time at our house, and will hopefully be with us until she graduates next year.  Although I don’t live with my parents anymore, Hye-In and I have stayed close as she’s gone on family vacations with us and spent holidays with my family.

Since I’ve been home for a few weeks, I’ve been able to exercise the role of ‘big sister’ again.  Two weekends ago I took Hye-In to Rochester and we scoured the city looking for a dress.  Exhausted and frustrated, we finally came to a shop way out in Fairport.  I think the dress she found there was worth the wait.  The price was right and it fit her perfectly.  I love the shade of purple she picked out.

On our way home we stopped to eat at a restaurant and shared a great conversation.  It was awesome to have some one-on-one time with someone who’s spent the past year living with my family when I’ve been away.  It was also great to get to know Hye-In as an individual.  We shared in conversation about my family and her academic life… (me reminiscing about my years at the academy and the ancient teachers that still reside there : ) ).  Our conversation also included lots of talk about cultural differences and similarities.  Hye-In is from Korea and I eagerly asked her lots of questions about her life there that I hadn’t known before.

I think she was pretty grateful that I spent my day taking her to get her dress, and she happily complied when I asked if she and Jay would like to take some pictures before the banquet started.

Although the landscape has been a bit dreary around here this time of year, I knew that the brown and green tones of some nearby fields would make that colorful purple dress pop.

How awesome is that necklace we found to match?

My ‘big sister’ role really tripled that day to photographer, make-up artist, and hair guru. It was fun to photograph her after playing a part in her preparations.

Too cute.

I love what a stark and barren contrast can do to emphasize a portrait shot.

This is my favorite from the day… it’s the most natural picture of her bold laugh and hearty smile.

We headed over to the academy so they could leave for the city, but not before stopping by this gorgeous flowering tree that blooms every spring beside the Luckey building.  They were pretty hesitant about kissing in front of me but I’m really glad they did : )



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4 responses to “::purple dress::

  1. Lovely shots Kay and Hye-In is beautiful!

  2. richie roy

    very nice!

  3. Thanks for making my morning a little bit better with this great article!!

  4. JungHa

    awww these are beautiful pictures!! miss all of you kay and hyein!!

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