::forest floor::

The other day I drove to a few favorite spots in the area where I walk around and look for things to photograph. Spring had barely started poking its way through the earth, dead leaves and muted brown tones covered the ground, and I quickly lost inspiration to shoot.  Slightly frustrated, I packed up, got back in the car, and started driving towards home.  After a few minutes, I started looking around me, slowed down the car, and realized that the road I was driving on definitely had signs of spring along its edges.  I pulled over besides a small bubbling creek.

Often when I shoot I put my ipod in my pocket, my headphones in my ears, listen to some inspiring music and just tromp around freely- swaying my head from side to side to look for signs of color and interest.  Since I had pulled over somewhat sporadically, while walking besides the stream my ears strained at the lack of sound.  Silence, save for the sound of water moving along the rocks in the creek and dripping from swelling plants on the forest floor. It had just rained, and the earth seemed to be standing still, soaking it in.





(inquiry before snow

– e e cummings

No color editing on this shot- the flowers were amazingly saturated on their own.



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3 responses to “::forest floor::

  1. nice shots…silence can bring about great things.

  2. Mom B

    Beautiful photos kay! I love walking without any music or other noises because I love to hear the natural sounds of nature. It is amazing what one can hear when really listening in God’s creation.

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