::sunny days::

It’s been a good few days in southern Georgia.  Sunny days but not yet humid.  Long days with room for naps and games, making good food and walks around the neighborhood.  A brief respite before what will undoubtedly be a crazy summer.

Are we too redneck for setting up a card table in the driveway and playing Sequence? Pretty sure our lack of folding chairs and using the ones from our dining room table was a step up.

Is there anything better on a hot summer day?

The Statesboro Farmers Market has been going on for about a month now and this was the first weekend we were able to make it.  I couldn’t believe the abundance of local produce that was already available.  Almost every table there boasted of organic and environmentally friendly farming methods.  I’m excited to learn more about what seems to be a promising farming community once we move back down in the fall.

Sadly, I only needed a half dozen eggs since we’ll be packing up in a few days.  But I was really glad the farmer didn’t mind selling that few to me.  The amazing colors and difference in size of the eggs really shows how much interest and beauty we lose when we mass produce.

Sugar snap peas… not to be confused with snow peas.  These little babies are going in a stir-fry soon.  If I can stop eating them raw from the fridge…

And these?  Maybe it’s because I haven’t had strawberries in a while… or maybe I have never tasted fresh strawberries that have ripened in the hot southern sun, but these were so delicious… I had red stained fingers and lips by the time we got to the car.



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6 responses to “::sunny days::

  1. richie roy

    those berries do look good!

  2. Mom :)

    what is that by your feet? love the color of those berries, you don’t find them like that very often around here. 🙂

  3. Mom B

    I also wondered what that was by your feet?
    and I SO WISH we had a good farm market around here! I guess I could try the Angelica one you told me about. 🙂

    I love those peas!

  4. G'pa & G'ma H

    Dear Kaylan…and John too.

    We really enjoy your pictures and narrative. Today I got G’ma caught up on the ones I have saved so she is now in the loop. Blessings as you pack and head north for the summer. We look forward t seeing you both.


    G’pa & G’ma

  5. Randa

    I also was wondering what was by your feet? Your pictures are beautiful and the narratives are so well put. I really enjoy looking and reading!

  6. By my feet is a nice cold bottle of Rolling Rock 🙂

    Thanks everyone for reading and supporting… I’ll keep it coming knowing you enjoy!

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