::salad season::

It snowed in WNY yesterday. Snow. In May. It was pretty discouraging to see and I had to force myself to stay engaged throughout the day albeit my desire to crawl into a catatonic coma with a bowl of creamy soup and a steaming cup of tea.

I’ve been pretty strained for time to photograph, blog, edit, cook and do all things creative since being home in NY.  I’m hoping to develop a routine to keep myself motivated and organized. To hold me over, I thought I’d share a recipe I made a few weeks ago and enjoyed for dinner while in the sunny south.  After all my moaning and groaning about missing NY, I’m finding it hard to not miss that warm southern sun right now.

There are two great things about this recipe.  One is that it came from my Aunt.  She’s an amazing cook and someone from whom I draw inspiration for lots of things- especially meals. I’m planning on spending more time in her garden and kitchen this summer and am looking forward to posting more pictures and recipes from our time together. The second great thing about this salad recipe is that the dressing is homemade.  Have you ever looked at the ingredients on store bought salad dressings? Besides the wonderful collection from Annie’s Organics, most of them are full of sodium, corn syrup, and sugar.  Which kind of falsifies your initial intentions for eating a salad, right?

You need fresh limes for this dressing.  Absolutely need fresh limes. The plastic lime shaped bottle on the door of your fridge will not substitute for their delicious flavor.

The dressing:

1 tbsp honey

2-3 tbsp fresh lime juice

4-5 tbsp vegetable or a light olive oil


wisk all together- can be made previous to making the salad and will store in the fridge

The salad can have many substitutions.  The main thing to keep in mind is that the dressing is sweet and lime-flavored.  You’ll want a fruit in the salad and something salty like toasted nuts to balance out the sweetness.

Here’s what I used:

Romaine/spinach mix

1 small can mandarin oranges

1/2 c coconut

1/4 c toasted pumpkin seeds

2-3 tbsp fresh grated parmesan

Other ideas could be fresh or canned pineapple or sliced grapefruit instead of the mandarin oranges, hazelnuts or pecans instead of the pumpkin seeds, and a white cheddar cheese instead of the parmesan.

Hang in there, NY. Salad season will come!



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3 responses to “::salad season::

  1. Mom B

    Sounds good Kay! You are welcome to cook anytime in my kitchen! 🙂
    (are those John’s hands squishing the lime?)

  2. Shannon

    kay I totally agree with you about all the crap (ops sorry, I MEAN JUNK ) that is in our food . I have been on a huge kick about that . Trying to do my best on making all i can from scratch . I love all your photos and blogs keep them coming .!!!!

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