::Glad again::

This week has been good for lots of reasons.  Time at my Grandparents, visiting with friends, home cooked meals, evenings spent with family, watching birds and playing with my cats. It’s also been good because I’ve had Gladi-time built into my daily schedule. We had a few rainy days, but finally the sun broke through and the air warmed up.  I couldn’t resist asking her to prance about in my Dad’s garden which is in full bloom and seemed extra saturated today due to the heavy rains we’ve had. She had no problem enjoying the flowers with me and gladly posed for a few shots.

Lots of flowers to smell and admire.

I love this. And it’s impeccably ‘her’.

We had some visiting to do today but on the way we stopped for a few jumps beside this old barn.



And my favorite.  Because this photo looks just like her.  And that’s what I was trying to capture.



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2 responses to “::Glad again::

  1. richie roy

    very nice. i remember a little girl who has some purple pants that looked almost like those!

  2. When we saw the two of you out today we realized just how grown up she is…these pictures capture her beauty and sincere smiling eyes. Nice, very nice.

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