::M+S expecting::

Last weekend we traveled up to Massachusetts to do some family visits and an exciting maternity shoot for Matt and Samantha. They’re coming up on their third wedding anniversary and are due to have a baby boy at the end of June! The week that we planned on coming up to MA, Matt and Sam actually closed on their first house! They’ve purchased a classic house built in 1907 (if I am remembering correctly) which they are currently touching up, repainting, and transforming.  I know they’ll make an amazing home for themselves and their new little one on the way.

We started with some shots in a park just a block or two from their house.

It only took Matt a few minutes to warm up to the camera and relax a bit : )

Another gorgeous park and lake were just a few minutes from their house so we took the opportunity to visit two locations for this shoot.

I’m glad they didn’t mind treading the water for the two shots above!

This pose is so classic and sweet. Oh and did I mention I never had to tell them to smile? They were constantly making one another laugh.

Although they are keeping the baby name a secret, I got  permission to share this shot of what the initials will be!

To close the shoot Sam and I headed to a nearby forest for some more personal pieces of her and her baby belly.

I know what all of you women are thinking- ‘I hope I look this good when I’m pregnant’.  Believe me, Sam really is this gorgeous.

Thanks so much Matt and Sam for having me capture this important stage in your lives! Best of luck finishing up the house and we’ll see you and BTH in July for some more pictures!



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4 responses to “::M+S expecting::

  1. Aunt Tanya

    Nice work Kay!!

  2. Mom B

    Love them all! But I especially love the one of Matt and Samantha head to head with their hands on her belly and also the one of her looking up. Just beautiful!

  3. Erin

    Kaylan, I love these! They came out so amazing. I’m sure M&S are really happy with your work. You do such a great job and can’t wait for you to do a shoot for me (hopefully sooner than later!)

  4. G'pa & G'ma H

    Dear Kaylan,

    Very nice pictures. Now we have good idea of waht maternity pictures are. Good work!!

    We would really appreciate a picture of the Lady Slipper you took in our woods.



    G’pa & G’ma

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