::Fathers Day Fun::

I know today is Memorial Day, not Fathers Day.  But since we did this shoot in honor of Fathers Day I figured I might as well post it on a holiday for fun.  And June 20th is too far away.  A few posts ago I showed you all a sneak peek of this family.  The W family lives in WNY and one afternoon we took advantage of the gorgeous May weather. This shoot was specifically to take pictures as a gift to surprise Steph’s husband, Chad for Fathers Day.

Although photo shoots can seem a bit intimidating, I always encourage my clients to interact with one another.  You want your pictures to be an expression of who you are and I think including natural shots of people talking, smiling, and joking are good ways to capture that.

But that’s not to say that props and posing don’t have their place in a photo shoot as well!

It was fun and helpful to have my sister assisting me on this shoot.  She was able to interact with Kyle so that we could get some action shots of him.  He and his Dad are involved in a lot of sports and share those activities together.

I think these flowers are almost out of season but I’ve definitely made good use of them over the past few weeks. K rocked some great poses while we used the flowers to add some texture and color to these shots.

Everyone wants a ‘traditional’ shot or two… if you can call this shot traditional.

After some shots in the garden we found this old barn and used it as a background for some country fun.

It started to sprinkle a bit and we had luckily snagged a few umbrellas.  The rain ended up holding off but I couldn’t resist a few fun shots with these colorful props.

Steph got in on the fun…

These pictures turned out so bright, fun, and colorful. After looking through the shots Steph shared with me that she really appreciated the clear  and dynamic pieces of a great afternoon of memories with her kids.  What else could a photographer ask for?


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