::musician friend::

High school memories hold lots of significance for me.  Soccer games, nights with girl friends, class rivalries, choir trips, late night projects.  Amidst the great memories, one of the things that I remember most about high school is the deep interest lots of my friends had in really good music, and the influence that had on me.  We’d spend nights listening to a new CD someone got.  Or scan the area for concerts and shows that would fit into our tight teenage budget.  And there are lots of memories that include hours sitting beside my musician friends while they ‘jam’.  A term they claim to have developed in describing their attempts to play their instruments as loudly as possible, heads banging, feet thumping, wide grins across their faces.

I think lots of people at one point or another dream of being a musician.  And I’m sure many of my high schools friends did.  But only one of these friends is currently pursuing that dream today.

The best way Eric shares his love for music is through his own talent.  He’s been writing songs ever since I’ve known him and I’ve seen him perform live numerous times.

His songs are thoughtful.  They speak of nostalgia and childhood memories. They share stories of people he knows and cares for.

His songs are passionate.  He hammers on the keys and slaps his knees. His samba-covered feet thump to the beat and his head bobs in time.

His songs are melodic. Tunes tinkle with pleasing piano parodies. Catchy phrases and leading lines ring out.

Eric’s music tells his story, shares his journey.  He’s currently performing as much as he can, and putting all of his efforts into his dreams- a challenging and deeply inspiring pursuit.

Eric’s band, Pocket Vinyl, is touring this Summer and Fall. Websites can be found here and here.



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3 responses to “::musician friend::

  1. Mom :)

    I love this guy! 🙂

  2. elizabethjancewicz

    you aw me every time with your gorgeous photos, and I love how you captured Eric here. the last triptych is especially a favourite. your work is so wonderful and inspiring.

  3. melinda

    the one with the sun is my absolute favorite.
    i looked at eric, and i was like, “wow, this is so ericish” and then i looked the composition, and i was like, “wow this is so kayish.” and then i realized you both simultaneously showed exactly what i think of you guys.

    so nice to think i’ve spent time with you two : )

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