::artist friend::

Meet Elizabeth. An inspiring artist and the second half of the dynamic duo that makes up Pocket Vinyl.  While Eric rocks out on stage as a one-man-piano-band, Elizabeth does on-stage art during all of their shows. That’s right. She paints a killer canvas right before your eyes and they hold a silent auction for the piece to be sold at the end of the show.

Although I haven’t had the privilege of calling Elizabeth a friend for long, I’ve known her art for a few years. She’s had amazing pieces displayed on our college campus and I always wondered who the artist was behind the paintings.

She will be touring with Eric this summer, selling homemade t-shirts, paintings, and other artful creations. I’m really proud of them for taking this step of faith and committing to doing what they love.

Check out more of Elizabeth’s work here.. Among Pocket Vinyl merch, her current projects include completing all of the illustrations for a comic book.

They’re leaving for tour this week. Check out their schedule and see them when they come to your area!


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  1. richie roy

    nice tribute!
    GO USA!

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