::Woolsey(part 1)wedding::

Last Saturday was an exciting experience for me. Although I’ve second shot quite a few weddings and have experience working with other photographers, I officially shot my first wedding! It’s a lot of responsibility and something that cannot be taken lightly.  This is someone’s wedding day– one of the most important days of their life, and they’ve put a lot of effort and planning into this day.

Shooting a wedding comes with a lot of expectations, and although we don’t always realize it, we know what kind of shots we want to have captured on our wedding day.  The glimpse of the bride in preparation, her beaming smile as she walks down the aisle, the kiss, the sweet flower girl who burst into tears, a private moment when the bride and groom sigh in relief and look at one another with love, the picture of all 285 members of your family who flew in from all over the country for the event, when Grandma races on the dance floor to shake her booty,… there are BIG moments in this day.  And as a photographer it’s my responsibility to document those moments.

I’m glad I got to start my first wedding with such an easy going couple.  Jesse and Haleigh have been together for years, families and friends were well known, and it was clear that the intent of the day was to celebrate the lasting relationship this couple has already had, as well as their commitment to one another in marriage. My documentation started by going up to Haleigh’s house where all the girls were getting ready…

The weather was pretty perfect- not too hot, slightly overcast but with moments of sunshine that streamed through.

While Haleigh and the girls were busy getting ready, I snuck over to the church early. St. Michael’s Cathedral in Geneseo, NY is beautiful, and the gorgeous stained glass glowed with soft light.

I was also able to see the guys before the ceremony and capture a few shots of them…

I couldn’t get enough of that bright red door !

Jesse was a handsome groom, and completely calm and collected while he waited for the ceremony to begin.

The ceremony was short and sweet- which is always nice, but was very meaningful and emotional. The evening light was perfect in the cathedral and glowed down while the ceremony went on.

Looking forward to sharing part two of this wedding with you in another full post with lots more pictures. Check back for more soon!



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2 responses to “::Woolsey(part 1)wedding::

  1. Mom B.

    Very beautiful Kay!

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