::baby brayden::

While it’s always great meeting new clients and building up contacts to work with, it’s really special when I get to share my photography and work for my family and friends.  Extended family members drove down from Massachusetts this past weekend to celebrate an awesome wedding celebration- pictures to come later- and it was a blessing to see everyone.  Matt and Samantha made the trip with their newborn baby, Brayden, and although I was shooting the wedding on Saturday we made sure we had time to do a mini-shoot with Brayden as well.  If you missed their maternity shoot check it out here that I shot in May.  Brayden was born just over two weeks ago now and he’s a gorgeous baby with bright blue eyes.

I found this old crate and lugged it up to Canandaigua, NY, where we spent the weekend and where the wedding was held.  Great props are really useful in good shoots and I was glad I thought to bring this up.

Matt and Samantha are definitely naturals at parenthood and they really encourage their family members to hold, play and interact with Brayden.  At the wedding reception that evening all of us were fighting over who got to hold him next! : )

Look at those eyes! Sigh…he’s so sweet.  This picture below is one of my favorites.  Thanks for being awesome, Matt and Samantha. Can’t wait to see you guys again- Brayden’s going to be huge! 🙂



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4 responses to “::baby brayden::

  1. richie roy

    very nice! what a cutie!

  2. Kaylan, those are so beautiful! I love seeing your work!

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