::moments to remember::

This week has been momentous.  There’s no other word for it. However, Webster describes momentous as “Of utmost importance; of outstanding significance or consequence:”. But I’d like the skew the meaning just a bit and explain that my week has been momentous in that is has been full of amazing moments. Bursting with life, and color, smiles and faces.  And I’ve experienced much of these moments through my lens- letting my eyes see through my camera’s frame.

This week I saw a newborn baby stretch his soft and wrinkled feet to the sky. I saw a groom’s eyes fill with tears as his bride walked down the aisle. I felt warm creek water wash over my toes as I shot a smiling family in the evening light.  I laughed with friends who shared midnight stories of their amazing travels. I jogged along a country road watching butterflies dance atop a field of flowers. I wore a bright yellow rain jacket and walked under a canopy of trees heavy with drops of fallen rain. I photographed toads hopping out of my friend’s hands and heard them chirp in fear. I stood near a waterfall and saw 7 faces posing proudly, raising their hands to the sky.

It’s been a momentous week.  And heck, it’s only wednesday.


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  1. richie roy

    like the toad!

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