::Scholla Family::

My summer in NY is drawing to an end and I’ve had some great opportunities to spend some time with family and friends these past few weeks. I’ve been so thankful for the support I have in this community and I’m really going to miss it.  This shoot was incredibly fun and was done a few weeks ago on a sunny evening in Angelica.

I’m not sure why but I was a little intimated at the thought of shooting a family with older kids. Although babies and toddlers can be uncooperative sometimes, they seem less threatening and don’t need to be impressed.  Once we started shooting though I realized how fun it is to work with families of all ages!

If you have a family shoot scheduled with me, you can expect lots of variety in the shots we’ll do.  I usually offer to take individual portraits of everyone as well as different types of group shots. Receiving a large variety of pieces makes your shoot well worth the cost.

Another thing I love doing with group portraits is mixing up the location.  We utilized what we had in the area and included some downtown shots, some shots in a nearby field and then we even went creek walking for a few!

I love the above shot- such gorgeous women!

Thanks for being great models and so fun to work with Scholla family. I love you guys!


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