::Woolsey (part 3!) wedding::

I told you there would be another post to this wedding! If you missed the first two stop on over here and here to see some of the shots I took of Jesse and Haleigh’s big day. I’m pretty excited to share this piece with you… it’s a video compilation combining my photography and some great videography work by my friend, Wes Dean. Anyone interested in having me do wedding photography for them (or those of you who already have me booked) can inquire about adding on an assistant photographer and videographer to create something like this video project to remember your wedding day by.  I think Wes did a great job capturing beautiful details of the day in video format that really complimented a lot of the shots I took.  I’m excited to share this with all of you- feel free to comment and tell us what you think!



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4 responses to “::Woolsey (part 3!) wedding::

  1. Mom B.

    Simply Beautiful!

  2. Heather

    We had our reception at The Big Tree too! 🙂 The pictures are beautiful, Kay!!

  3. Rachel

    that was amazing kaylan! you and wes did an fantastic job between the two of you!

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