::upward(week 1)bound::

This summer has held lots of exciting photo opportunities for me.  One was specifically something I had never before experienced or thought that I was even ready for.  A few weeks ago I was asked to teach a class on photography to high school girls.  These girls are part of the summer program called upward bound.

I wasn’t actually anticipating doing this at first, mostly for fear of my own inability to share information on something I almost completely taught myself. I have yet to take any formal coursework in photography(although I will be applying for grad schools this year). However, it was almost difficult to keep the information I wanted to share confined into two evening classes. It was exciting for me to share a bit of my work and passion, and hope that I was igniting some interest in other people as well.

The third night of each week we decided to have an actual photo shoot with all the members of the class. It was kind of crazy to try and shoot 7-10 girls within an hour and a half, all at different locations.  We made it work though and I am really happy with the shots we got.

Although I hadn’t spent much time with each girl, I tried to incorporate a bit of their personalities into each of their photos and make them as individualized as I could. This was a fun challenge and a great experience for me as a photographer.

As you can tell this group of girls was really adventurous and easy to work with.  Although none of them had had this kind of experience with a photographer before they were naturals!

All of these backgrounds were within 5 or 6 miles from Houghton. Sometimes it’s really easy to utilize the space you have and work with your location- you’ve just got to keep an eye out for good spots!

I love the shots above with her red hair, texture of the building and the bird house.

And last but not least, we did some group shots.  All of these ladies were willing and excited to be photographed not only near a waterfall, but underneath one too!



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6 responses to “::upward(week 1)bound::

  1. Stef

    these look awesome! how fun 🙂

  2. richie roy

    nice job!

  3. Mrs. R

    these are great Kaylan, I love the last picture. 🙂

  4. Marty

    Great pictures! Thanks for working with our students this summer… 🙂

  5. Shelley

    Where did you take these? Wiscoy? I need to take Sadie there…

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