::J family preview::

After a few rain delays, the J family and I finally got to meet up this afternoon.  Although lighting wasn’t ideal at that time, we tried a few different locations and definitely made things work for our shoot! Looking for big spots of shade is key when you’ve got harsh afternoon sun to avoid.

Oh, and the J kids were hilarious and I was able to capture some pretty crazy facial expressions.  Although it’s nice to have a few standard family pictures that are organized, spotless, and full-on smiles, my goal in doing portrait shoots is to capture personality.  Freezing a phase in time and allowing you to appreciate who you are not just how nice you looked that day.

Spirited. Fun. Adorable.

Looking forward to editing the rest of these for you guys!



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5 responses to “::J family preview::

  1. I love this! It totally reminds me of me and my brothers! Nice shot Kaylan! I enjoy following your blog.

  2. Mrs. R

    this is so good, love the white brick wall, where do you find these places? I know it can’t be far and it is probably something I don’t even notice as I buzz along in life, you are teaching me to slow down and savor what is around me…..thank you! 🙂

  3. Margaret

    This photo is so great! Made me smile…sweet family:)

  4. richie roy

    very nice indeed! you may have out done your self!

  5. thank you everyone! can’t beat a pair of red head twins 🙂 Mom, this was the side of a bldg in fillmore. needed some shady spots that afternoon.

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