::and another preview?::

I know it seems like I’ve done a lot of ‘previews’ lately and not a lot of actual blogging.  I still have 1 engagement session, 1 group session, 2 weddings, and 2 family sessions to blog… but I’ve been hard at work shooting and editing as fast as I can.  Oh and we’re also moving back to Georgia this week. Which makes for a lot of other things to do. But I can’t wait to get settled into a solid editing groove in a few days. It’s a good sign when you’re excited to work on pictures, right? I think so.

So despite the plethora of preview posts I’ve had, I wanted to share at least one photo from the family session I had at Moss Lake last night.  I’ll tell you more about this family later, but for now can we all just marvel at the amazing blue eyes each of these kids have? This shot is practically straight out of camera and there were no color enhancements- just some cropping. Gorgeous children.


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