::Johnson family::

Finally a full blog post! As I said, I’ve been working hard with lots of editing to do and am excited to show you these pictures. After a few rain delays the Johnson’s and I finally got together for a full shoot. I’m glad they were flexible to work in several locations and I think it really paid off.  We did a little tour of our area- Houghton and Fillmore, and pulled off a great shoot that captured lots of personality.

Although the twins were TONS of fun to work with, it was equally challenging to get their full attention at times. Marit, however, was definitely taking full advantage of the camera being pointed her way : )

I told you- she’s a complete natural.

Dani did a great job selecting their outfits. My words of advice when people ask are ‘Nothing that matches. Bright colors. And mix it up with one or two patterns’. Not exactly easy directions, right?

She pulled it off perfectly.

I always try to include an activity or characteristic about each family in your shoot. All three kids play the violin so we decided to use those!

Johnson family, you were a hit. I’m looking forward to more photo opportunities with you. Thanks again for a great session!



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4 responses to “::Johnson family::

  1. richie roy

    the last picture is great!

  2. Nancy Walters

    This is sooo adorable!!! I love it!! You did a great job! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family!!
    It was fun! 🙂

  3. Emily Hoffman

    Brandon wants me to let you know we charge for photo sessions in our backyard! (He is really just teasing.) The photos look great, I love looking at them. You can use our backyard whenever you want!

    • Haha well thanks Brandon! (you don’t really own that part by the creek do you?!) By the way I enjoyed watching the work you did in your garden this year and seeing its progress every time i walked by!

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