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I’m working through editing W&K’s wedding and I wanted to share a collage of beautiful wedding details from their day. Besides selecting a great photographer, I think one of the most important thing couple’s can do in ensuring great wedding photos is to pay attention to details.  Although this couple was working within a budget they found some creative ways to display outstanding and eye-catching reception decor. Old books from the bride’s attic provided table decor (plus both bride and groom are avid readers and pride themselves on knowing the classics). And instead of throwing the wine in a corner and having guests proceed elsewhere to select their drinks, they used the bottles as part of their table decor and allowed guests to mix and match and share with ease at their tables.

Great wedding photos really stem from great weddings. Attention to detail, lighting, and the elements of time really impact how great your photos are, no matter how amazing your photographer is. And if you need ideas for elements that will really improve the creativity and aesthetic of your day, who better to ask than your wedding photographer? Seriously, who of anyone reads more wedding magazines, looks at more pictures of brides and reception decor, and has been to more ceremonies than a him or her? And who would know best what elements make for amazing pictures?  I’m not trying to appoint myself, or any other photographer as your official wedding coordinator. But about 30 people can attest, and we won’t go into details of why, but I did at a moment’s notice end up running the rehearsal for this wedding! Just goes to show you your photographer is a great resource you shouldn’t be afraid to utilize!


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