::a dress to remember::

It’s been such a solid week of editing, working on new project ideas, finishing up unpacking, starting a new job, and lots of other craziness that I almost forgot to blog something special! At the beginning of the summer I posted about sharon’s dress.  When Sharon got married last year, she wore the very same dress her mother wore in 1968.  Sharon had it updated and added a few finishing touches but it still had the same elegance and delicate beauty as when her Mom wore it.

For the project, Sharon and I met for a brief photoshoot. We took a few pictures of her in the dress, I took a few detail shots of the dress, and then I went to work, scanning in the photograph of her parents from their wedding day, editing the pictures from our shoot, and scanning and touching up a journal entry Sharon received from her mother that talked about the dress. I combined all of these elements into one large piece that Sharon had printed and will hang in her home and is also giving as a gift to her mother.

If you have any ideas for some digital collage work, please contact me.  All of the pieces I do are a combined effort with you to ensure your memories are displayed exactly as you want them.  I’m willing to do an entire book (like the one I did for my Grandparents which I’ll be sharing with you in another post), a collection of pieces, or just one piece you can share like I did for Sharon. Old letters, documents, photographs, or even raw materials (think a lace handkerchief of your great great grandmothers) can be combined to create these unique pieces.


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  1. This is really neat, Kay! What a special way to document this memory.

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