::wedding by the lake::

Now that summer is drawing to a close and I’ve had some time to reflect on what an amazing few months it was, one of the things that comes to mind is how many gorgeous days we enjoyed in western NY. Everything seemed lush and full of life, soft baby blue streaks stretched across the sky almost every day, and the sun was warm and welcoming. Kristin and Brent were lucky to have planned their wedding on one of these perfect summer days, and they picked a beautiful location for it too. Their wedding was held at the Crosswinds Wesleyan Church in the town of Canandaigua next to one of the grand finger lakes.

The wedding was mid-afternoon so we had quite a bit of time to get ready which is always nice. I was even able to squeeze in a newborn shoot with precious Brayden that morning at a nearby park.

See, what did I tell you about that blue sky?!

I was actually in the bridal party for this wedding so I couldn’t shoot the ceremony but I’m very thankful to Tim Chen for partnering up with me to take on this day!  The ceremony was short and sweet but very meaningful and lots of fun fellowship was had at a light reception immediately following right at the church grounds.

It’s always great when brides (and grooms) plan for lots of picture time during their wedding day.  Kristin and Brent made sure we did, so we spent an hour or so down at the lake taking pictures and relaxing a bit before the crowds and conversations began at the dinner reception.

The ring bearer and flower girl were Brent’s niece and nephew and they are just the cutest kids! They were pretty preoccupied with the snails they found near the gardens by the lake- I guess it was good that they found something to keep them entertained!

The snails got boring after a while so they decided to climb trees instead- wedding apparel and all : )

There was lots to capture that day but I’ll share just a few more shots below… Thanks so much Kristin and Brent for being a wonderful couple, picking a gorgeous summer day, and planning a perfect wedding!



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2 responses to “::wedding by the lake::

  1. Mom B

    Thanks so much Kay! These are beautiful! Love you.

  2. These are wonderful! I am so happy to see your business succeeding and growing! I especially loved the shots of the bride and groom by the trees and sitting on the rocks by the water. Beautiful!

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