::moss lake memories::

Sometimes it can be challenging to find time to schedule portrait sessions, especially when it comes to larger family sessions. Kids are so busy these days and everyone is involved in so much it’s hard to coordinate schedules. The Moino family and I literally had ONE day in which to fit a family session and I’m so glad we were able to! Although Sally is from western NY and actually attended Houghton College for a year, she and her family reside in Texas- which dubs them my ‘most exotic’ clients as they’ve come from the furthest away! I know Texas doesn’t usually qualify as ‘exotic’ but it sure is different than western NY.

As I mentioned, Sally attended Houghton College before transferring out and during her college days made some fun memories taking hikes around Moss Lake. While they were in town visiting family Sally knew she wanted to fit in a trip to Moss Lake so her kids could see it which sounded like the perfect opportunity and place to meet up for some family portraits.

These are the three gorgeous Moino kids and as soon as I saw them I immediately wanted to capture their blue eyes in my pictures!

All three Moino kids are fun loving, smiley and athletic. It was such fun working with them. Alyssa (above) and Chloe (below) shared a bit about their life in Texas with me and what they remember about visits to western NY.

I know some of their extended family so it was fun to figure out the connections we shared through the small towns of Angelica and Houghton.

Alex had just celebrated a birthday right before our shoot. You can tell he spends a lot of time in that Texas sunshine!

I love this portrait of Sally and her husband, Chris. So classic and timeless.

The small bridges around the bogs are such great places for photos. And I love the plentiful lilly pads and plants in the waters below.

The late summer blooms in a nearby field seemed perfect for some individual portraits. The girls asked me for one of their Mom alone and I love the shot we captured.

Those blue eyes again.

These last two, above and below, are some of my favorites from the session. Thanks again Moino family for the great session and for working with me to get in the shoot on the one day we could! : )


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  1. Hannah C

    Great job, Kaylan. I love Moss Lake and these photos make me miss it. I love how you staggered the family photos — it’s always hard for me to come up with new poses with that many people! Awesome!

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