If you’re my facebook friend or blog follower there are a few easy observations you’ve made about me.  One is that I like taking pictures. Two is that I love fabulous food. And three? I am obsessed with my cats. My facebook ‘mobile uploads’ album is a pretty good indicator of this.  It seems to be a way to blog moments in my day visually and 9 times out of 10 the photos are of food or my cats.

Some of my early blog posts introduced you to our first set of felines, sisters that were found in the woods in a plastic bag and left for…well, we won’t mention what they were left for. Today they are large and healthy and slightly pompous and comfortable in their pampered environment so I’d say they were left for a good life indeed.

About a month ago we were sitting in the hot Georgia sun at a community yard sale when a skinny legged child walked by carrying a small basket.  Inside was the smallest ball of orange fur you’ve ever seen and glassy green eyes peered up at me. I asked her if it was her kitten and she said she’d like it to be but her Momma wouldn’t allow cats in the house. My heart almost burst with compassion and excitement when she explained that the kitten was free and homeless and a nice man was giving him away. I immediately scooped the little guy into my arms and took him home.

Later that afternoon we dubbed him ‘Oscar’ because, well, don’t all orange striped kitties need to have a name that starts with the letter ‘o’? It just seemed to fit.

Just like his sisters (who have slowly and regretfully adjusted to having him around) Oscar greatly enjoys our large living room windowsill and the billowy curtains that hang from ceiling to floor. He’s currently fighting an upper respiratory infection which I find sad but incredibly adorable as he skitters about the house sputtering the tiniest sneezes and wheezes and coughs. And despite his tiny size he’s ridiculously easy to track down… during his best attempts at hide and seek his desperate little snot nose can be heard a mile away.




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2 responses to “::oscar::

  1. mom :)

    oh oscar, you make me smile and I haven’t even met you yet – it won’t be long now though

  2. Mom B.

    He is so adorable! I cannot wait to meet him this weekend! 🙂

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