::Will & Kat wedding(pt 2)::

With my last Will & Kat wedding post on the blog I wanted to show you the portraits we captured.

I think most of them really speak for themselves and capture the feelings and memories of the day.

The colors and tones turned out pretty perfect and I loved how the landscape matched their fantastic wedding attire. So romantic.

One of my favorites. Leave a comment and let me know which ones you liked best!




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6 responses to “::Will & Kat wedding(pt 2)::

  1. shayna

    they are perfect!

  2. richie roy

    Kat is a country girl isn’t she!

  3. lil sis

    i like the 5th one and then the very last one is the best 🙂

  4. elizabethjancewicz

    The 5th one down is my favorite. Beautiful job.

  5. I love the one of them standing in the middle of the road – that tree is awesome – the overall composition is amazing. I also love the one of them standing in the field with the two birds perfectly placed above their heads – like I know you planned. Great job.

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