Friends, family, and faithful blog readers,

Please take a few moments to watch this video.

Inspired? I was.

This year I’m participating as a photographer for the Atlanta Help Portrait shoot on December 4th. I’m honored to be a part of this amazing event and am grateful for the opportunity I will have to serve in this way. I wanted to share this with all of you because you can do something to help. If you’re a photographer or would love to volunteer at one of the events, sign up at the location in your area. Visit the help portrait site for the event listings in your state.

If you’re not able to help by serving, consider donating to my help portrait site by clicking here. Donations go toward some equipment rental, event costs, but mostly toward buying the prints for these families and people to take home with them. Each person and family is given a set of portraits for free.  As little as $5 can help cover the cost of a print for someone in need.

I know many of you were moved by the story I shared about my friend Rick, and if you missed that blog post check it out here.  We’ll be photographing people like Rick who don’t have means or money to purchase nice portraits for themselves, and most of which don’t even own a camera.

I appreciate the client support I consistently receive and I hope you know my heart is to serve as often as I can, especially if it means I can share this talent that I’m already passionate about with others.  If you’d like to see what kind of difference last year’s project made please take another few minutes and watch this.

I’ll be updating all of you on how the event goes and I’m even brainstorming a few ideas and will be talking with the producers of the event to do a similar project with my own business.  Please contact me if you have suggestions or connections you can help me make in serving others with photography- I’m willing to give.

Love and hope to all you struggling pilgrims out there.


PS- Thanks Kyle for the great suggestion and Dave for the links!


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  1. shayna

    LOVE this Kay! p.s. please come back and do some portraits in NYC! 🙂 you are always welcome. 🙂

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