::Brooklyn love::

If you remember from this post a few weekends go we drove up and back to NYC for a few days. We got to meet up with and were graciously given a place to stay by two of the most hospitable people I know, some friends of ours who live in Brooklyn.  It was an amazing experience to see Brooklyn for the first time through the eyes and every day experiences of locals. It’s a vibrant  and urban place with the obvious characteristics seeing as it is a borough of NY. But Brooklyn is clearly defined by its commitment to community and local living.

Of course while I was there we had to take the opportunity for a family photo shoot! We spent a half an hour in Fort Greene Park which is about a 5 minute walk from Matt and Shayna’s place. Gorgeous.

I even got to get in on a little photo action- thanks for snapping this, Shay!

Baby Brit and Shayna enjoy this park on a daily basis. There’s a farmers market here every saturday, free activities for kids and parents, and community events.

I know it’s a little unusual but this shot is my favorite from the session. It’s so NY chic and representational of this gorgeous park and the Brooklyn lifestyle. Plus, I just love that splash of red from the runner’s pants.

Brit is such a happy baby, and he should be! His parents are amazing people.

Okay I guess maybe this last one is my favorite. I can’t decide. What do you think?

He’s such a sweetheart. Thanks again so much Matt and Shayna for a great weekend in Brooklyn. We’ll be back : )




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6 responses to “::Brooklyn love::

  1. shayna

    Kay I knew your work would be all that—and a bag of organic locally ground and grown corn chips”! LOVE ALL OF THEM!

  2. Mom B.

    I love the one of them walking down the sidewalk! That is my favorite. Nice shots Kay, and Brit is adorable!

  3. Mom :)

    Kaylan, these are beautiful WOW! I love those steps as a background and Brit is one beautiful baby – it was so good to see Matt and Shayna too, they look amazing and I can see how happy they are in the photos. Great Work – I love you!

  4. Aubree

    Kaylan, your photography is so inspiring!

  5. Joe

    Great pictures K! My favorite one is where Matts holding Brit and Shay is in the background like a mother who will always look over her baby:)

  6. These are awesome! Looks like a great trip! Keep up the great work, I enjoy your blog so much!

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