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::whirlwind weekend::

Coming back to work on Monday is always difficult. But coming back from an exciting weekend can seem almost painful. We had a crazy trip to one of my favorite places, New York City, this past weekend and actually drove up and back the entire way. Despite only having two days in the city, it was well worth the trip. Visiting friends, dinner in Little Italy, touring the Met, riding the subway, a little shopping and lots of walking were part of our weekend activities.

I even squeezed a mini shoot of our gracious Brooklyn hosts in and I can’t wait to show you the rest of their photos. Here’s a shot to begin with.

Aren’t they gorgeous? And those smiles are entirely genuine. This is one happy family.

The shots below are from one of my absolute favorite parts of NY- China town and Canal street. Most people think I’m crazy but I absolutely love the culture, people, crowds, and chaos that exists in this neighborhood. I took these with my iphone which was my faithful companion the entire two days. I ran the battery dry taking hundreds of street photos. I love NY!


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::baby brayden::

While it’s always great meeting new clients and building up contacts to work with, it’s really special when I get to share my photography and work for my family and friends.  Extended family members drove down from Massachusetts this past weekend to celebrate an awesome wedding celebration- pictures to come later- and it was a blessing to see everyone.  Matt and Samantha made the trip with their newborn baby, Brayden, and although I was shooting the wedding on Saturday we made sure we had time to do a mini-shoot with Brayden as well.  If you missed their maternity shoot check it out here that I shot in May.  Brayden was born just over two weeks ago now and he’s a gorgeous baby with bright blue eyes.

I found this old crate and lugged it up to Canandaigua, NY, where we spent the weekend and where the wedding was held.  Great props are really useful in good shoots and I was glad I thought to bring this up.

Matt and Samantha are definitely naturals at parenthood and they really encourage their family members to hold, play and interact with Brayden.  At the wedding reception that evening all of us were fighting over who got to hold him next! : )

Look at those eyes! Sigh…he’s so sweet.  This picture below is one of my favorites.  Thanks for being awesome, Matt and Samantha. Can’t wait to see you guys again- Brayden’s going to be huge! 🙂


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Yesterday I met up with baby Kinsley, her parents and her Grandma to do some photos.  Kinsley is almost 6months old and hadn’t yet been photographed professionally. Once Valerie, Kinsley’s Grandma, found out I was a photographer, she immediately asked if I could do some shots of Kinsley. We know their family though the church we’ve been attending and actually spent Easter afternoon celebrating and eating with them.

We’ve had some beautiful days here in Georgia recently and yesterday was no exception.  We met up late afternoon (photographers know lighting is best closest to sunrise and sunset) and we visited Georgia Southern’s Botanical Gardens.  Although we got scolded for not making a photography reservation and paying an hourly fee for shooting on the grounds, the caretaker of the garden let us shoot anyway since I pleaded my ignorance and apologized.

Kinsley’s mom was prepared and brought several cute dresses and outfits for her.  One of the most exciting things about shooting babies is the fun details you can play around with, from the tiny dresses and clothes to the details of their sweet fingers and toes…

Kinsley is actually the youngest baby I’ve shot and she was definitely a great one to start with.  She didn’t mind modeling for us, mostly played and smiled and put up with us constantly changing her outfits and making her sit in the grass and the dirt.

I love the different expressions babies make and Kinsley didn’t let us down!

So adorable.

And don’t you just love her name? I hadn’t heard the name ‘Kinsley’ before I met her but I really like it.

The last two images were my favorite from the afternoon… capturing a baby in their birthday suit is pretty timeless and oh so sweet 🙂

Pretty sure you’ll see more shots of this beautiful girl later on this year!


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::sister happy sister::

I’ve told this story a million times, but I still remember the night she was born.  My Mom and I had been staying with my Grandparents since they lived closer to the hospital and my Dad was doing lots of housework on our cabin. My Mom’s water broke in the middle of the night and she and my Grandma went to the hospital, my Dad to soon follow.  I’d have to wait until morning to go in with my Grandpa.

I didn’t sleep that night.  I crept down the immense and carpeted staircase slowly, trying not to wake my Grandpa sleeping in his chair below. I shuffled over to grab my crayons and some paper and spent the next few hours crouched behind his recliner, steadily drawing a picture for my new friend.  I’m pretty sure my Mom still has the piece I drew somewhere. It was a large goldfish bowl with two fishes holding hands- one bigger than the other, symbolizing me and my new baby sister.

A few years ago my Dad put together a couple of photo albums for me of some of my best memories as a kid.  He didn’t assemble by order, but picked out pictures mostly of me and specific things I did with my parents before my sister was born (he did the same for her as well).  Funny thing is, he didn’t realized he mixed pictures of us up in each of our albums! We had a phase as babies where we looked pretty similar.  This is the best example I could find of that time…can you tell who’s who?

Despite the similar baby pictures, being 7 years apart, we share lots of differences.  I’ve heard that if you grow up without another sibling coming along before 6 years, you’re pathologically an ‘only child’.  I’d say I’ve kept that mindset and have held on to my own independence, strong will and self-motivation.

The things I love about her are those ways in which she differs from me.  She’s got this pure and naive spirit, she sees the best in people and must be informed of their faults before noticing them.  Unlike me, compassion is one of her strongest traits.  She just loves on people all the time…it’s so sweet and impacting.

I can’t believe my little sister is 16. Happy Birthday.


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