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::Brooklyn love::

If you remember from this post a few weekends go we drove up and back to NYC for a few days. We got to meet up with and were graciously given a place to stay by two of the most hospitable people I know, some friends of ours who live in Brooklyn.  It was an amazing experience to see Brooklyn for the first time through the eyes and every day experiences of locals. It’s a vibrant  and urban place with the obvious characteristics seeing as it is a borough of NY. But Brooklyn is clearly defined by its commitment to community and local living.

Of course while I was there we had to take the opportunity for a family photo shoot! We spent a half an hour in Fort Greene Park which is about a 5 minute walk from Matt and Shayna’s place. Gorgeous.

I even got to get in on a little photo action- thanks for snapping this, Shay!

Baby Brit and Shayna enjoy this park on a daily basis. There’s a farmers market here every saturday, free activities for kids and parents, and community events.

I know it’s a little unusual but this shot is my favorite from the session. It’s so NY chic and representational of this gorgeous park and the Brooklyn lifestyle. Plus, I just love that splash of red from the runner’s pants.

Brit is such a happy baby, and he should be! His parents are amazing people.

Okay I guess maybe this last one is my favorite. I can’t decide. What do you think?

He’s such a sweetheart. Thanks again so much Matt and Shayna for a great weekend in Brooklyn. We’ll be back : )




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::a sweet city engagement::

One of the greatest things that has come from my photography business for me is the connections it has either created or reestablished with my clients.  Shannon and I knew each other a long time ago as we both attended Genesee Valley Central School.  Once Shannon started her graduate program at Houghton College, it was nice to see a friendly face on campus once in a while when we would run into one another- usually in the local coffee shop : )

So a few months ago when I got an email from Shannon asking if I’d be her wedding photographer, I was again thankful for the chance to ‘run into’ her and the ways in which my business helps me connect with people I’ve known for a long time.  But enough about that… Shannon and Jon met a long time ago as well and dated throughout high school and college.

For their engagement session we met up in Buffalo and started at the Albright-Knox for some creative urban shots.

Shannon and Jon are pretty incredible together- both juggling impressive careers and living in separate cities (Shannon in Buffalo and Jon in Syracuse) while maintaining a great relationship. They were so casual and comfortable with each other it was easy to document.

I love this moment.


We headed across the street to Delaware Park which still had some amazing blooms and blossoms to work with.

Shannon loves her ring- and its pretty easy to see why!

So sweet.  I think everyone needs a classic ‘city bench’ shot.

I can’t wait to document their wedding day and celebrate with them.

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Being a photographer that people know personally is a win-win thing.  Family and friends often look to you to photograph and capture their special moments, and you get to do something you enjoy while gifting them at the same time.  It’s like killing two birds with one stone…or three birds with two stones…or something.

Either way, one of my greatest ambitions for becoming a good photographer is blessing the people I love with good photos.  When my cousin shoots the winning basket, I want to capture the shot.  When my sister graduates, I want to be able to take some great senior photos for her as a gift.  It’s an exciting thing, to bless those around you with your talents and gifts whatever they may be…for me, I hope to be growing in my knowledge and excellence of photography to give my family and friends some great pieces to hang on their walls or file away in family albums.

That ambition in mind, I was pretty excited when Will and Kat invited me to shoot some engagement photos for them.  I’ve known Will since I transferred to Houghton Academy in 7th grade and we’ve been really good friends ever since.  Will proposed to Kat over Christmas break and they are planning to get married in August 2010. He’s currently studying law at Vanderbilt University, and Kat works for Americorps in Buffalo, NY.

Since Will is living in Nashville and John and I are in Savannah, we met up in Atlanta this past weekend and had a great time touring the city as well as taking some engagement shots.

We started in the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and things were pretty steamy (literally- I had to keep wiping off my lens because it was fogging up from all the moisture).

The garden was featuring an orchid display which was beautiful and made for a great backdrop.

So sweet.

There were lots of unique plants and textures that allowed me to try some new things.  I had fun trying out different ways to compose my pieces and frame my subjects.

They were great sports, willing to brave the snow (YES we had SNOW in Georgia this weekend!) and let me use this beautiful tree to frame them.

Atlanta was a great city to try some ‘urban-esque’ shots.

Some of you may know, this shade of mustardy yellow is one of my favorite colors and I insisted we stop and take some pictures against this wall.

Their outfits went perfectly with this location, don’t you think?

After some unclear directions and re-routing (we always get lost in Atlanta), we stumbled upon this beautiful Episcopal Church in the heart of the city. It had a quaint garden with this decaying bench, perfect for a shot with Will and Kat’s favorite black and white print- The New York Times.

I wanted to end with this shot because it clearly demonstrates how well Kat knew how to work the camera.  She did an amazing job and really made it easy for me to shoot them as a couple.

It was really great to work with friends on my first shoot. They were encouraging, patient, and allowed me to try some new things which really benefitted me, and also allowed time for some really good shots.

Will and Kat—congrats.


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