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::sweet southern preview::

Quick preview from the fun session I did today with the Z family. You might remember baby Kinsley from some sweet 6 month old photos I did with her this past spring… now she’s got a sibling on the way! Thankful for a business that keeps me in touch with great people like this family!



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::Johnson family::

Finally a full blog post! As I said, I’ve been working hard with lots of editing to do and am excited to show you these pictures. After a few rain delays the Johnson’s and I finally got together for a full shoot. I’m glad they were flexible to work in several locations and I think it really paid off.  We did a little tour of our area- Houghton and Fillmore, and pulled off a great shoot that captured lots of personality.

Although the twins were TONS of fun to work with, it was equally challenging to get their full attention at times. Marit, however, was definitely taking full advantage of the camera being pointed her way : )

I told you- she’s a complete natural.

Dani did a great job selecting their outfits. My words of advice when people ask are ‘Nothing that matches. Bright colors. And mix it up with one or two patterns’. Not exactly easy directions, right?

She pulled it off perfectly.

I always try to include an activity or characteristic about each family in your shoot. All three kids play the violin so we decided to use those!

Johnson family, you were a hit. I’m looking forward to more photo opportunities with you. Thanks again for a great session!


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::and another preview?::

I know it seems like I’ve done a lot of ‘previews’ lately and not a lot of actual blogging.  I still have 1 engagement session, 1 group session, 2 weddings, and 2 family sessions to blog… but I’ve been hard at work shooting and editing as fast as I can.  Oh and we’re also moving back to Georgia this week. Which makes for a lot of other things to do. But I can’t wait to get settled into a solid editing groove in a few days. It’s a good sign when you’re excited to work on pictures, right? I think so.

So despite the plethora of preview posts I’ve had, I wanted to share at least one photo from the family session I had at Moss Lake last night.  I’ll tell you more about this family later, but for now can we all just marvel at the amazing blue eyes each of these kids have? This shot is practically straight out of camera and there were no color enhancements- just some cropping. Gorgeous children.

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::Scholla Family::

My summer in NY is drawing to an end and I’ve had some great opportunities to spend some time with family and friends these past few weeks. I’ve been so thankful for the support I have in this community and I’m really going to miss it.  This shoot was incredibly fun and was done a few weeks ago on a sunny evening in Angelica.

I’m not sure why but I was a little intimated at the thought of shooting a family with older kids. Although babies and toddlers can be uncooperative sometimes, they seem less threatening and don’t need to be impressed.  Once we started shooting though I realized how fun it is to work with families of all ages!

If you have a family shoot scheduled with me, you can expect lots of variety in the shots we’ll do.  I usually offer to take individual portraits of everyone as well as different types of group shots. Receiving a large variety of pieces makes your shoot well worth the cost.

Another thing I love doing with group portraits is mixing up the location.  We utilized what we had in the area and included some downtown shots, some shots in a nearby field and then we even went creek walking for a few!

I love the above shot- such gorgeous women!

Thanks for being great models and so fun to work with Scholla family. I love you guys!

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::baby brayden::

While it’s always great meeting new clients and building up contacts to work with, it’s really special when I get to share my photography and work for my family and friends.  Extended family members drove down from Massachusetts this past weekend to celebrate an awesome wedding celebration- pictures to come later- and it was a blessing to see everyone.  Matt and Samantha made the trip with their newborn baby, Brayden, and although I was shooting the wedding on Saturday we made sure we had time to do a mini-shoot with Brayden as well.  If you missed their maternity shoot check it out here that I shot in May.  Brayden was born just over two weeks ago now and he’s a gorgeous baby with bright blue eyes.

I found this old crate and lugged it up to Canandaigua, NY, where we spent the weekend and where the wedding was held.  Great props are really useful in good shoots and I was glad I thought to bring this up.

Matt and Samantha are definitely naturals at parenthood and they really encourage their family members to hold, play and interact with Brayden.  At the wedding reception that evening all of us were fighting over who got to hold him next! : )

Look at those eyes! Sigh…he’s so sweet.  This picture below is one of my favorites.  Thanks for being awesome, Matt and Samantha. Can’t wait to see you guys again- Brayden’s going to be huge! 🙂


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::Scholla family preview::

So much to edit and blog! It’s going to be a busy week. I thought I’d share just a quick photo from the shoot I had last night with an amazing family I know and love- the Schollas.

Wide angle + sun flare = delicious photos.

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::Fathers Day Fun::

I know today is Memorial Day, not Fathers Day.  But since we did this shoot in honor of Fathers Day I figured I might as well post it on a holiday for fun.  And June 20th is too far away.  A few posts ago I showed you all a sneak peek of this family.  The W family lives in WNY and one afternoon we took advantage of the gorgeous May weather. This shoot was specifically to take pictures as a gift to surprise Steph’s husband, Chad for Fathers Day.

Although photo shoots can seem a bit intimidating, I always encourage my clients to interact with one another.  You want your pictures to be an expression of who you are and I think including natural shots of people talking, smiling, and joking are good ways to capture that.

But that’s not to say that props and posing don’t have their place in a photo shoot as well!

It was fun and helpful to have my sister assisting me on this shoot.  She was able to interact with Kyle so that we could get some action shots of him.  He and his Dad are involved in a lot of sports and share those activities together.

I think these flowers are almost out of season but I’ve definitely made good use of them over the past few weeks. K rocked some great poses while we used the flowers to add some texture and color to these shots.

Everyone wants a ‘traditional’ shot or two… if you can call this shot traditional.

After some shots in the garden we found this old barn and used it as a background for some country fun.

It started to sprinkle a bit and we had luckily snagged a few umbrellas.  The rain ended up holding off but I couldn’t resist a few fun shots with these colorful props.

Steph got in on the fun…

These pictures turned out so bright, fun, and colorful. After looking through the shots Steph shared with me that she really appreciated the clear  and dynamic pieces of a great afternoon of memories with her kids.  What else could a photographer ask for?

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