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::sweet southern preview::

Quick preview from the fun session I did today with the Z family. You might remember baby Kinsley from some sweet 6 month old photos I did with her this past spring… now she’s got a sibling on the way! Thankful for a business that keeps me in touch with great people like this family!



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::Brooklyn love::

If you remember from this post a few weekends go we drove up and back to NYC for a few days. We got to meet up with and were graciously given a place to stay by two of the most hospitable people I know, some friends of ours who live in Brooklyn.  It was an amazing experience to see Brooklyn for the first time through the eyes and every day experiences of locals. It’s a vibrant  and urban place with the obvious characteristics seeing as it is a borough of NY. But Brooklyn is clearly defined by its commitment to community and local living.

Of course while I was there we had to take the opportunity for a family photo shoot! We spent a half an hour in Fort Greene Park which is about a 5 minute walk from Matt and Shayna’s place. Gorgeous.

I even got to get in on a little photo action- thanks for snapping this, Shay!

Baby Brit and Shayna enjoy this park on a daily basis. There’s a farmers market here every saturday, free activities for kids and parents, and community events.

I know it’s a little unusual but this shot is my favorite from the session. It’s so NY chic and representational of this gorgeous park and the Brooklyn lifestyle. Plus, I just love that splash of red from the runner’s pants.

Brit is such a happy baby, and he should be! His parents are amazing people.

Okay I guess maybe this last one is my favorite. I can’t decide. What do you think?

He’s such a sweetheart. Thanks again so much Matt and Shayna for a great weekend in Brooklyn. We’ll be back : )



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::whirlwind weekend::

Coming back to work on Monday is always difficult. But coming back from an exciting weekend can seem almost painful. We had a crazy trip to one of my favorite places, New York City, this past weekend and actually drove up and back the entire way. Despite only having two days in the city, it was well worth the trip. Visiting friends, dinner in Little Italy, touring the Met, riding the subway, a little shopping and lots of walking were part of our weekend activities.

I even squeezed a mini shoot of our gracious Brooklyn hosts in and I can’t wait to show you the rest of their photos. Here’s a shot to begin with.

Aren’t they gorgeous? And those smiles are entirely genuine. This is one happy family.

The shots below are from one of my absolute favorite parts of NY- China town and Canal street. Most people think I’m crazy but I absolutely love the culture, people, crowds, and chaos that exists in this neighborhood. I took these with my iphone which was my faithful companion the entire two days. I ran the battery dry taking hundreds of street photos. I love NY!

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::moss lake memories::

Sometimes it can be challenging to find time to schedule portrait sessions, especially when it comes to larger family sessions. Kids are so busy these days and everyone is involved in so much it’s hard to coordinate schedules. The Moino family and I literally had ONE day in which to fit a family session and I’m so glad we were able to! Although Sally is from western NY and actually attended Houghton College for a year, she and her family reside in Texas- which dubs them my ‘most exotic’ clients as they’ve come from the furthest away! I know Texas doesn’t usually qualify as ‘exotic’ but it sure is different than western NY.

As I mentioned, Sally attended Houghton College before transferring out and during her college days made some fun memories taking hikes around Moss Lake. While they were in town visiting family Sally knew she wanted to fit in a trip to Moss Lake so her kids could see it which sounded like the perfect opportunity and place to meet up for some family portraits.

These are the three gorgeous Moino kids and as soon as I saw them I immediately wanted to capture their blue eyes in my pictures!

All three Moino kids are fun loving, smiley and athletic. It was such fun working with them. Alyssa (above) and Chloe (below) shared a bit about their life in Texas with me and what they remember about visits to western NY.

I know some of their extended family so it was fun to figure out the connections we shared through the small towns of Angelica and Houghton.

Alex had just celebrated a birthday right before our shoot. You can tell he spends a lot of time in that Texas sunshine!

I love this portrait of Sally and her husband, Chris. So classic and timeless.

The small bridges around the bogs are such great places for photos. And I love the plentiful lilly pads and plants in the waters below.

The late summer blooms in a nearby field seemed perfect for some individual portraits. The girls asked me for one of their Mom alone and I love the shot we captured.

Those blue eyes again.

These last two, above and below, are some of my favorites from the session. Thanks again Moino family for the great session and for working with me to get in the shoot on the one day we could! : )

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::J family preview::

After a few rain delays, the J family and I finally got to meet up this afternoon.  Although lighting wasn’t ideal at that time, we tried a few different locations and definitely made things work for our shoot! Looking for big spots of shade is key when you’ve got harsh afternoon sun to avoid.

Oh, and the J kids were hilarious and I was able to capture some pretty crazy facial expressions.  Although it’s nice to have a few standard family pictures that are organized, spotless, and full-on smiles, my goal in doing portrait shoots is to capture personality.  Freezing a phase in time and allowing you to appreciate who you are not just how nice you looked that day.

Spirited. Fun. Adorable.

Looking forward to editing the rest of these for you guys!


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::Scholla Family::

My summer in NY is drawing to an end and I’ve had some great opportunities to spend some time with family and friends these past few weeks. I’ve been so thankful for the support I have in this community and I’m really going to miss it.  This shoot was incredibly fun and was done a few weeks ago on a sunny evening in Angelica.

I’m not sure why but I was a little intimated at the thought of shooting a family with older kids. Although babies and toddlers can be uncooperative sometimes, they seem less threatening and don’t need to be impressed.  Once we started shooting though I realized how fun it is to work with families of all ages!

If you have a family shoot scheduled with me, you can expect lots of variety in the shots we’ll do.  I usually offer to take individual portraits of everyone as well as different types of group shots. Receiving a large variety of pieces makes your shoot well worth the cost.

Another thing I love doing with group portraits is mixing up the location.  We utilized what we had in the area and included some downtown shots, some shots in a nearby field and then we even went creek walking for a few!

I love the above shot- such gorgeous women!

Thanks for being great models and so fun to work with Scholla family. I love you guys!

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::Fathers Day Fun::

I know today is Memorial Day, not Fathers Day.  But since we did this shoot in honor of Fathers Day I figured I might as well post it on a holiday for fun.  And June 20th is too far away.  A few posts ago I showed you all a sneak peek of this family.  The W family lives in WNY and one afternoon we took advantage of the gorgeous May weather. This shoot was specifically to take pictures as a gift to surprise Steph’s husband, Chad for Fathers Day.

Although photo shoots can seem a bit intimidating, I always encourage my clients to interact with one another.  You want your pictures to be an expression of who you are and I think including natural shots of people talking, smiling, and joking are good ways to capture that.

But that’s not to say that props and posing don’t have their place in a photo shoot as well!

It was fun and helpful to have my sister assisting me on this shoot.  She was able to interact with Kyle so that we could get some action shots of him.  He and his Dad are involved in a lot of sports and share those activities together.

I think these flowers are almost out of season but I’ve definitely made good use of them over the past few weeks. K rocked some great poses while we used the flowers to add some texture and color to these shots.

Everyone wants a ‘traditional’ shot or two… if you can call this shot traditional.

After some shots in the garden we found this old barn and used it as a background for some country fun.

It started to sprinkle a bit and we had luckily snagged a few umbrellas.  The rain ended up holding off but I couldn’t resist a few fun shots with these colorful props.

Steph got in on the fun…

These pictures turned out so bright, fun, and colorful. After looking through the shots Steph shared with me that she really appreciated the clear  and dynamic pieces of a great afternoon of memories with her kids.  What else could a photographer ask for?

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