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::spiritual moments::

I heard a sermon last week in which the preacher was talking about her experience on her family vacation in the Catskill mountains.  She mentioned this moment where she hiked alone to the nearby waterfall one morning, sat peacefully beside the stream, and dove into the clear mountain water. Immersed in the frigid water she felt renewed and refreshed. She said it was a ‘spiritual moment’ for her. One in which she felt complete, and spiritually whole.  She went on to describe what she did next.  She carefully collected small rocks-shiny and colorful, smooth and marbled, and placed them in a bag.  She was trying to gather mementos of this spiritual moment.  Mementos that she could place about her home, on her nightstand, her bathroom sink.  Things that could tangibly bring her back to that place of peace and wholeness, once her hectic life started to crack through her being.

The preacher then began to warn of the foolishness of this kind of living.  She said she felt like the rich young ruler who was storing up his earthly treasures. She told us to be complete people, we need to live beyond those spiritual moments, tuning in to our real feelings and emotions and embracing them when things are hard.  We need to be careful not to idolize good times, and not to limit God to our description of what a ‘spiritual moment’ is.

Although I liked the point she was trying to make about not limiting God to our own version of spiritual moments, I felt hesitant to embrace the idea that we can’t rely on great moments of peace and restoration to help us through.  The past few weeks that’s what I’ve been doing. Trying to suck the life out of this beloved place I call home.  Grabbing up moments and taking pictures as mementos before our trek back down south.

Like gathering green beans with my Grandpa in his garden and canning them back in the kitchen with Grandma.

Feeling the early summer sun beat down on my shoulders while squatting to pick strawberries with a friend.

Sharing a cold drink with my cousin, dipping our feet in the pool while he helps me shell a bushel of peas.

Enjoying a late night piece of pie with good neighbors.

Running through the beloved woods across the street.

Cooking and laughing together in the home of good friends.

Taking my sister out on a Friday night date.

Trekking up to the sheep barn and letting a baby lamb nuzzle up to my knee.

Hiking hills of blueberry bushes and picking peacefully with my family.

Spending the morning exploring the landscape with a beautiful child.

These pictures are my mementos. Beautiful memories I can rifle through weeks from now.

And my freezer and cupboards will be filled with mementos of the richness and goodness of my home that I can eat in the lonely winter months.

These are my spiritual moments.

The moments that get me through.

And if my efforts to grasp onto these people and this place is in vain, then that preacher can call me a fool.



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::Glad again::

This week has been good for lots of reasons.  Time at my Grandparents, visiting with friends, home cooked meals, evenings spent with family, watching birds and playing with my cats. It’s also been good because I’ve had Gladi-time built into my daily schedule. We had a few rainy days, but finally the sun broke through and the air warmed up.  I couldn’t resist asking her to prance about in my Dad’s garden which is in full bloom and seemed extra saturated today due to the heavy rains we’ve had. She had no problem enjoying the flowers with me and gladly posed for a few shots.

Lots of flowers to smell and admire.

I love this. And it’s impeccably ‘her’.

We had some visiting to do today but on the way we stopped for a few jumps beside this old barn.



And my favorite.  Because this photo looks just like her.  And that’s what I was trying to capture.


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::adventures in Gladi Land::

I know this kid.  She and I spend large chunks of time together.  We do fun things.

We read. Always lots of reading.  I like reading. So does she.

She’s got lots of fun toys.  Like a homemade flashlight.  And a set of little people.  A great big giraffe, blocks, sidewalk chalk… all the good stuff.

After we read, I usually want to do her hair.  She’ll sternly suggest another story.

“Kay-inn, you need to read five more pages before we do my pony hair”.

One of the things I love about Gladi is she lets me put as many of these barrettes in her hair as I want.  And I had these as a kid…bow ties and butterflies.

Two stories, twenty minutes, and half a tear later…mission accomplished.

Quizzical, inquiring, pensive… she wanted to know why I wasn’t wearing dangly earrings here. She’s amazing.

Stay tuned for more adventures in Gladi-land.


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Yesterday I met up with baby Kinsley, her parents and her Grandma to do some photos.  Kinsley is almost 6months old and hadn’t yet been photographed professionally. Once Valerie, Kinsley’s Grandma, found out I was a photographer, she immediately asked if I could do some shots of Kinsley. We know their family though the church we’ve been attending and actually spent Easter afternoon celebrating and eating with them.

We’ve had some beautiful days here in Georgia recently and yesterday was no exception.  We met up late afternoon (photographers know lighting is best closest to sunrise and sunset) and we visited Georgia Southern’s Botanical Gardens.  Although we got scolded for not making a photography reservation and paying an hourly fee for shooting on the grounds, the caretaker of the garden let us shoot anyway since I pleaded my ignorance and apologized.

Kinsley’s mom was prepared and brought several cute dresses and outfits for her.  One of the most exciting things about shooting babies is the fun details you can play around with, from the tiny dresses and clothes to the details of their sweet fingers and toes…

Kinsley is actually the youngest baby I’ve shot and she was definitely a great one to start with.  She didn’t mind modeling for us, mostly played and smiled and put up with us constantly changing her outfits and making her sit in the grass and the dirt.

I love the different expressions babies make and Kinsley didn’t let us down!

So adorable.

And don’t you just love her name? I hadn’t heard the name ‘Kinsley’ before I met her but I really like it.

The last two images were my favorite from the afternoon… capturing a baby in their birthday suit is pretty timeless and oh so sweet 🙂

Pretty sure you’ll see more shots of this beautiful girl later on this year!


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::family(part 9)history::

who were so dark of heart they might not speak,
a little innocence will make them sing;
teach them to see who could not learn to look
–from the reality of all nothing

will actually lift a luminous whole;
turn sheer despairing to most perfect gay,
nowhere to here,never to beautiful:
a little innocence creates a day.

And something thought or done or wished without
a little innocence,although it were
as red as terror and as green as fate,
greyly shall fail and dully disappear–

but the proud power of himself death immense
is not so as a little innocence

-e. e. cummings-


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::Cassie Girl::

Seeing family is always the best part of the holiday season.  I was blessed to grow up in a large family- my Mom having 5 brothers and a sister, all of whom now have children of their own.  That makes for lots of cousins.  Six of us were actually born within a two year span!  Although I feel especially close to those cousins who were of my same age, it’s always fun to go home and visit with some of my younger cousins who have come along more recently.

Cassie is the youngest cousin on my Mom’s side. Since I was already in college when she was born and moved down south soon after, I haven’t had too many opportunities to spend time with her.  Knowing I’m building my photography career, my Aunt asked me to take some pictures of Cass which allowed me a look through the lens at this pretty little cousin of mine.

Here’s some things I know about her… she loves her big brother.  Since he was at school the afternoon I came over, she spent some time snuggling up in his bed.

Cassie also has an independent spirit.  She gladly showed me around the house and proudly displayed her ability to hang Christmas ornaments on their tree.

She’s pretty adventurous too.  We spent some time playing outside in the snow and she proved to be a happy and smiling kid- not bothered at all by the cold.

She’s definitely got her Daddy’s blue eyes! Here’s a few more from the day…

For those of you trying to perfect your photography skills, what better models to use than your cute cousins or family members?  I think Cassie helped my pictures turn out pretty well! : )


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