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::moss lake memories::

Sometimes it can be challenging to find time to schedule portrait sessions, especially when it comes to larger family sessions. Kids are so busy these days and everyone is involved in so much it’s hard to coordinate schedules. The Moino family and I literally had ONE day in which to fit a family session and I’m so glad we were able to! Although Sally is from western NY and actually attended Houghton College for a year, she and her family reside in Texas- which dubs them my ‘most exotic’ clients as they’ve come from the furthest away! I know Texas doesn’t usually qualify as ‘exotic’ but it sure is different than western NY.

As I mentioned, Sally attended Houghton College before transferring out and during her college days made some fun memories taking hikes around Moss Lake. While they were in town visiting family Sally knew she wanted to fit in a trip to Moss Lake so her kids could see it which sounded like the perfect opportunity and place to meet up for some family portraits.

These are the three gorgeous Moino kids and as soon as I saw them I immediately wanted to capture their blue eyes in my pictures!

All three Moino kids are fun loving, smiley and athletic. It was such fun working with them. Alyssa (above) and Chloe (below) shared a bit about their life in Texas with me and what they remember about visits to western NY.

I know some of their extended family so it was fun to figure out the connections we shared through the small towns of Angelica and Houghton.

Alex had just celebrated a birthday right before our shoot. You can tell he spends a lot of time in that Texas sunshine!

I love this portrait of Sally and her husband, Chris. So classic and timeless.

The small bridges around the bogs are such great places for photos. And I love the plentiful lilly pads and plants in the waters below.

The late summer blooms in a nearby field seemed perfect for some individual portraits. The girls asked me for one of their Mom alone and I love the shot we captured.

Those blue eyes again.

These last two, above and below, are some of my favorites from the session. Thanks again Moino family for the great session and for working with me to get in the shoot on the one day we could! : )


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::and another preview?::

I know it seems like I’ve done a lot of ‘previews’ lately and not a lot of actual blogging.  I still have 1 engagement session, 1 group session, 2 weddings, and 2 family sessions to blog… but I’ve been hard at work shooting and editing as fast as I can.  Oh and we’re also moving back to Georgia this week. Which makes for a lot of other things to do. But I can’t wait to get settled into a solid editing groove in a few days. It’s a good sign when you’re excited to work on pictures, right? I think so.

So despite the plethora of preview posts I’ve had, I wanted to share at least one photo from the family session I had at Moss Lake last night.  I’ll tell you more about this family later, but for now can we all just marvel at the amazing blue eyes each of these kids have? This shot is practically straight out of camera and there were no color enhancements- just some cropping. Gorgeous children.

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::spiritual moments::

I heard a sermon last week in which the preacher was talking about her experience on her family vacation in the Catskill mountains.  She mentioned this moment where she hiked alone to the nearby waterfall one morning, sat peacefully beside the stream, and dove into the clear mountain water. Immersed in the frigid water she felt renewed and refreshed. She said it was a ‘spiritual moment’ for her. One in which she felt complete, and spiritually whole.  She went on to describe what she did next.  She carefully collected small rocks-shiny and colorful, smooth and marbled, and placed them in a bag.  She was trying to gather mementos of this spiritual moment.  Mementos that she could place about her home, on her nightstand, her bathroom sink.  Things that could tangibly bring her back to that place of peace and wholeness, once her hectic life started to crack through her being.

The preacher then began to warn of the foolishness of this kind of living.  She said she felt like the rich young ruler who was storing up his earthly treasures. She told us to be complete people, we need to live beyond those spiritual moments, tuning in to our real feelings and emotions and embracing them when things are hard.  We need to be careful not to idolize good times, and not to limit God to our description of what a ‘spiritual moment’ is.

Although I liked the point she was trying to make about not limiting God to our own version of spiritual moments, I felt hesitant to embrace the idea that we can’t rely on great moments of peace and restoration to help us through.  The past few weeks that’s what I’ve been doing. Trying to suck the life out of this beloved place I call home.  Grabbing up moments and taking pictures as mementos before our trek back down south.

Like gathering green beans with my Grandpa in his garden and canning them back in the kitchen with Grandma.

Feeling the early summer sun beat down on my shoulders while squatting to pick strawberries with a friend.

Sharing a cold drink with my cousin, dipping our feet in the pool while he helps me shell a bushel of peas.

Enjoying a late night piece of pie with good neighbors.

Running through the beloved woods across the street.

Cooking and laughing together in the home of good friends.

Taking my sister out on a Friday night date.

Trekking up to the sheep barn and letting a baby lamb nuzzle up to my knee.

Hiking hills of blueberry bushes and picking peacefully with my family.

Spending the morning exploring the landscape with a beautiful child.

These pictures are my mementos. Beautiful memories I can rifle through weeks from now.

And my freezer and cupboards will be filled with mementos of the richness and goodness of my home that I can eat in the lonely winter months.

These are my spiritual moments.

The moments that get me through.

And if my efforts to grasp onto these people and this place is in vain, then that preacher can call me a fool.


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